Moving files from organization drafts to personal drafts

Recently, my team moved to Figma Organization. Everything seems good, but all of my personal figma files were moved under the organization as well. I don’t want that.

I created a team in External teams with the hope that I could move my file out of the organization and into that team, but I couldn’t.

The only option I had was to share the file, so I decided to create a second account and transfer the ownership. After a dreadful process of adding permissions, opening emails, and removing permissions, I was able to do it. Now, the file is in my second account, but is no longer a draft and I can’t make it a draft. I have no idea what it is now. It only appears in Recents and if I remove it from there, the only place it appears is when I search for it. I didn’t explicitly publish it or share it with anyone. It’s just not a draft anymore.

Another issue is that I have a few dozen files and I can’t seem to transfer them all at once. It’s going to be very painful to move them one by one…

Ideally, I should be able to right-click on my file and have a Move to option which would allow me to move the file to External teams / Drafts. Currently, I only have Share:


Has anyone else gone through this revolting experience?
Is there a solution to the problem?

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