The new Figma 20.0.0 app is slow to launch, slow to mirror, and the screen always closes automatically

Some time ago, I updated the Figma mobile app and found 3 serious problems affecting the use.
Figma Mobile app version: 20.0.0
My Mobile Phone: iPhone 11 Pro (iOS15.1)

  1. Launching Figma app is very slow and often takes several seconds.
  2. When using the Mirror feature, when I click on the left or right side of the phone screen to switch frames, the adjacent frames will be displayed only after the white screen flashes. If I want to compare the differences between two frames, this problem will cause me to fail to meet my requirements.
  3. When using the Mirror feature, the screen automatically turned off after a period of time, which caused me to have to constantly tap the screen while using it, which was very inconvenient. I remember the previous version left the screen on.
    Hopefully Figma will address these issues in future releases.
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