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Team Owner should be a super-owner

I have been having some problems with permissions in managing my Figma team which I use heavily for my graphic design classroom. I go into some depth here:

The short of it is that a team member with “can edit” team-level permissions can create a project that the team owner cannot edit, delete, or change permissions to. This is heavily problematic in a classroom situation when team members are not always 100% reliable players.

It does read as though the Team Owner has the ability edit all projects and files via the “see user access” menu item:

but that is just not the case.

A simple solution would be that Team Owners would have super-owner powers and be able to give themselves permission on any project or file.

A better solution would be a more robust system of permissions. Either way, at least one user level needs to have all the keys.

Additionally, the broadest permission setting, team-level permissions, when set to “can view” seems to override the more granular project level permission, Members of [team name] “can edit”. It should be the other way, imo.

It is entirely possible that I am doing something wrong and I would very much like that to be the case. If so, please someone, pull me out of permissions purgatory.

Cheers to all and thanks for the wonderful software and community.