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Team owner can't edit project

I am using a Figma Education plan team as a graphic design classroom. With the team owner (teacher) account, I need to be able to have editing powers with projects in the team without the editors (students) needing to properly manage permissions.

Sometimes when an editor creates a project, the team owner account cannot edit the project sharing permissions, delete the project, edit files within the project, etc. From the admin dashboard, it seems that the team owner account is identified as being able to edit all projects and files but there are certain projects that are only editable by the project owner.

Strange. You should be able to have full rights on all files. I. think it would be ideal to refer to the support via the support request form or

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Hello all. I have been unable to resolve this issue. It does present a bit of a problem in the class. The only work around is for the student to delete the project and for me to create a project folder for the student as team owner. I would love a better way if anyone had ideas.

I have submitted a ticket to @figma support but no fix yet.

Even with this nuisance, I am loving Figma and find myself looking for ways to use it more. The collaborative feature is a game-changer for my classroom.

Hi Mcram :wave:t2: The Team Owner role doesn’t automatically give you Edit access on every File or Project on a Team, but the user creating the File or Project would need to deliberately set the permissions there to only give you a Viewer Role, and it wouldn’t be created with these settings by default.
If a File has somehow been accidentally set to block other Team members from editing it, then the File’s creator or any Editors will be able to set it back to Team editing from the Share settings. Share files with collaborators covers these settings in detail.
Where the Team Owner want to be certain they have Editor access across the Team, we’d suggest they create all Projects and Files so that they are the ‘Owner’ and can control the Share settings to prevent being locked out.
Hoping this helps!

Hello KatieLee and thank you for the quick reply!

This is less than ideal, in my opinion. In the Team / Members page, the edit access information lists that the team owner has edit access to all projects and edit access to all files.

At the very least, this is confusing.

How this should work: If a project owner sets the team access for a project to view, this should set access for all team members to view, including team owner. This might be desirable to prevent accidental edits. However, the team owner should be able to self-assign edit access to any project or file within that team, including projects and files the team owner does not own.

  • Team owner = root/edit access to all members, settings, projects, and files within that team.
  • Admin = similar to team owner except cannot remove team owner.
  • Team member with team edit privileges = suggested rename to Editor = can create, access, remove, edit, and view all projects and files except where explicit access is revoked at the project level by the project owner or file level by file owner. Cannot access team members or settings.
  • Team member with team view privileges = suggest rename to Reviewer = can view all projects and files except where explicit access is revoked at the project level by the project owner or file level by file owner. Cannot create projects. Can only edit projects or files where permissions explicitly granted. Can create files in projects with edit access.
  • Team member = can only view or edit projects and files with view or edit access explicitly set. Can only create files if project edit access is granted.

This is just a sketch. I can see this gets complicated and you guys know much better than me of course. To properly map this out would take much more detail. Not that you even asked ha ha.

When this problem occurs: when a team member with edit access creates a new project, if they set team access to view, the team owner cannot edit, remove, or change sharing access to that project or any files contained within.

An incomplete Workaround for those experiencing similar problems:

  1. Change the team member’s “team level permissions” in the team members page to “Can View”. This will change the project owner from the team member to the team owner.

  2. Access the sharing privileges for the project and grant edit access to that project to the team member. Team member will then be able to create and edit files within that project.

In my opinion, the team owner should be something like a super-owner having root/edit access for all projects and files within that team.

This workaround is incomplete because team members with “can view” team-level permissions cannot edit files or create files in projects unless given explicit permission even if that project is set to all team members “can edit”. I have had to change the team-level permissions to all team members back to “can edit” so that they can edit files in a project but this sets up the potential for these members to again create a project that the team owner cannot edit or remove.

Can someone help me to manage this team, which is a classroom, better? I am clearly not understanding or there is an inconsistency with Figma. Many thanks in advance!

My issue with this lack of control is ghost Teams.

What if the Team Owner is leaving your organisation and the other Figma users are ‘Edit’?. Who gets access to modify the members and settings then?

I’m the Super Admin or whatever you call in Figma - and we have the Organisation version. It would make sense that I can overwrite or adapt.

Also if the Team Owner is ill and the rest is Edit only - again I’m stuck as the other members cannot create new projects then? This is really weird …

(I didn’t try out these scenarios out but I know that I cannot modify teams right now, even though I’m an Admin).