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Can team owner's permissions be set to "can view"?

Good day, team Figma!

Allow me to describe our situation for your better understanding.

Our team would like to upgrade to Professional plan with four editor seats. However we need to have as an owner of a team a corporate account, so 5 accounts in a team in total. This corporate account would not perform any tasks in the team, it is only for ownership.

The ideal solution for us is to have an owner account without “Can edit” team permissions, and other four editors with “Can edit” permissions, so that we need only four editor seats . So the question is “Can team owner’s permissions be set to Сan view, so that owner would not use an editor seat license?”.

I have the same question. Found it here…

"Note: By default, admins have can edit access to team files and projects. This means Figma will include admins in your team’s billing.

If you want to give someone admin access to the team, without being able to edit files and projects, update their role to viewer-restricted ."

I would assume this would also apply for the owner as well.