Organization Admins - More Extensive Permissions

As a the admin of an org plan
I want to have admin rights by default to teams others create within my org
In order to administrate my org effectively

(seriously, I need to ask other people to set me as admin on new projects so that I can grant other people edit rights. It makes no sense that I can make people global admins, but not an editor of a team)

Thanks :slight_smile:


@Steve_Dennis I’m having the exact same trouble right now, and have given this feedback a few months ago to Figma. Editors should have less access, and we need superadmin access, or else Figma would become a huge mess in no time, even if we setup the organization/foundation properly.

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Two votes, we can do this! :wink:

This is so frustrating for me. I need the ability to clean up my org as an admin. I need to be able to rename or delete teams and respective projects if necessary. It would make sense as org admin to always have ‘owner’ capabilities on each team within the org.

Yes please.
In an agency setting, if the owner of a team is on vacation or sick at least I – as an admin – must be able to edit their files and change permissions.

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Vote 10 is here - we need this so badly.

Figma team completely missed the ball here. How is it possible that an admin cannot add/remove people from a team/project and adjust rights. This is so so frustrating

This is exactly what I need. BTW I request a feature that does not allow anyone to create a team. It has been messy in our teams page.

The fact that we are debating such a simple workflow is making me nervous.
Owner->Admins->Rights or Owner->Users->Rights should be as simple as that isn’t it? How can an organisation pay for an editor who can invite anyone for editing? (most of the cases by mistake) and you cant blame them as they are not admins, they are just UI/UX designers.

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I recently completed a restructure of our Figma organization to align with our Product team’s new initiatives on behalf of my Design Operations team. It was a more difficult process than I would have liked, due to the lack of some sort of ‘super admin’ role.

We had several instances of people creating Teams when they should’ve created Projects, resulting in over 40 Teams, many of which were empty since the creators did not have edit permissions to actually create any files inside the Team. In order to clean this up, I had to manually reach out to every Team owner outside of Figma, request owner transfer to myself, and in many cases provide step-by-step instruction on how to do so. Some people were not responsive or pushed back on my request, so it took over a week total to clean up, and some Teams still have yet to be removed.

My company has nearly 800 employees, and our Figma organization s hosting nearly 300 of them, as well as external partners, in many different roles. At this size, we absolutely need our Operations team or IT team to have another level of control that the current Org Admin control doesn’t allow.


Another vote, highly requested.

I’ve just learned of this missing fundamental myself. It’s such a standard practice I didn’t even expect it to be missing in my tool evaluation. Having looked into it, I believe this a “by-design” jerk move by Figma. Much like the supposed convenient seat upgrades then pay later in true-ups, this admin hassle appears to disappear if you upgrade to the Enterprise Level. The Organization level plan (ironic naming) doesn’t have this capability. From their help article:

*"Only admins can manage roles for other members and guests.

  • Professional plan: team admins can manage roles and permissions.
  • Organization plan: only organization admins can manage roles. Team admins manage team-level permissions.
  • Enterprise plan: organization admins can manage roles for anyone in the organization. Workspace admins manage roles for people in workspaces they manage. Team admins manage team-level permissions.

Note: On the Enterprise plan, organization admins can choose the default role for each product. Otherwise, anyone new to a team on the Professional plan or an Organization, has an introductory viewer role."*

Honestly, unless I’m dense, if I lose an employee it’s quite possible I’m locked out of the project.

Seriously it’s should not even be an enhancement, it’s just bug fixing !!
One of my teammate create a project before leaving in holidays. As an admin I cannot get any right on the project. That’s just insane !

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