Permissions: Project's original owner has had their roles downgraded to View Only

I didn’t see anyone asking about this specific use case in a quick search but I was wondering if this is how permissions are designed or if this is an edge case.

We have a project that was originally created by someone who had a role as designer and had access to Figma Design and FigJam files as an editor. They changed roles and now only have access to FigJam as an editor and a viewer-restricted on Design files. The project was set to other on the team can view, but not edit. With the original owners overall role changed, they weren’t able to go into that project and change the teams permissions to edit, getting the “You don’t seem to have permissions to do that” error.
I think we have a work-around we’ll try from Team owner can't edit project, but I was mostly wondering if there’s a proper way to handle that sort of scenario.
And wondering if the same problem would apply if someone left the team or when you delete them from the organizations members does the owner default back to the main owner of the Figma organization.