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Swap overlay set to bottom

Hi there, I regularly use ‘swap overlay’ to switch between modals (depending on toggles activated or deactivated in one modal). The swap overlay function snaps the new modal (= the modal to be swapped) to the top position of the previous one, which is not what I want. As it’s a slide in drawer from the bottom, the modals should snap to the bottom position. Snapping to the top results in my modals only half showing and the other half out of screen. Now I use the open overlay function to position it correctly, but this only opens a lot of modals and kind of ruins my prototype flow. I assume this is not a feature currently available but I was wondering if there is a workaround, or that this feature might be introduced soon :wink:


I have solved my own issue. In the interaction details modal, I used the ‘manual’ function to place my overlays where I wanted them, but I should have used ‘bottom center’ instead. Solved! Thanks to myself :slight_smile:

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