Summarize Fonts, Weights, and Styles; Google Fonts <link /> Geneneration

Figma has awesome code generation built in, and it makes things like Gradients, Drop Shadows, and more super easy to pull straight from Figma to put it into Code. This is a huge timesaver.

Figma has a bunch of other great features as well, including the aggregation of “Document Colors”, which allows you to grab a color that has been commonly used throughout the Figma file that you’re working on.

Along this same vain, it would be immensely helpful if there was a feature that allowed viewers and editors alike to see a list of all fonts along with all the different weights and styles used within the selected Art Board.

A delicious cherry on top of this would be the generation of a <link rel="stylesheet" /> for the Google Fonts that are used within the Art Board. This would get rid of the somewhat arduous process of tracking down the specific fonts used, along with their various weights and styles, and coordinating them on the Google Fonts website to manually build the <link /> tag!

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