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Figma styles and fonts

Hello all.
Can someone help me here :slight_smile:
how do we find how many times, or where are our styles being used?
I have quite a lot of styles and I’d like to clean my design a bit, But IDK if a specific style its used or not and going through a lot of pages seems very inefficient way to check.

Maybe a plugin?

Really appreciate your help.

These might help:

Style Lens
Batch Styler
Style Organizer

I personally haven’t used them but they all describe different ways to address similar problems to what you’ve described.

Thank you so much. I’ve downloaded some plugins but they don’t do what I want/need.
E.g: Font Fascia / Font replacer

I’ll take a look at those you pointed. :+1:

P.s - For anyone that reads this and has a vote on the topic. Including a panel on figma to summarize the styles used, fonts, colors would be great :slight_smile: