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Show me the overrides per component instance and give me the option to reset them individually

It often happens that there are a lot of instances that have overrides in a design. Sometimes you are not quite aware what exact overrides have been made to a component, though. For example someone could have manually changed the height of a component and if the height override is actually the same as the main component, you would be blissfully unaware.

You will notice that an override has been made maybe, after you make adjustments to your main component and realising that the instances did not change. Annoyingly, if you want to reset a particular override behaviour, you will have to reset the entire component back to the state of the main component and then do the overrides you do want to keep again. Depending on the complexity of the component (Maybe it is even a nested component), this can be quite the hassle.

As such it would be nice if we had some listing of the overrides that have been made (maybe also interesting for the devs) as well as the option to reset them one by one.
E.g. “Source text changed (x), Colour changed (x), WIdth set to fill (x), height set to fixed (x)”
The x would allow to reset these specific overrides.


Are you aware of the kebab menu next to the component instance in the sidebar?


Only found it a little while ago myself, it doesn’t tell you exactly what the overridden value is as you outline, but it does allow you to selectively reset overrides:



Ohhh I was actually not aware. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ll have a closer look!

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For this specific situation (override identical to original setting), would it be cleaner to automatically reset the override – since it’s equivalent?