Semi Urgent ~ Texts mysteriously keep disappearing in general input forms, buttons, modals components

As per the subject , this is a general enquiry yet impacting minute to minute workflows starting beginning of today (28th of June).

Is anyone recently experiencing strange bugs whereby texts mysteriously disappearing at random? And also when copied and pasted components one to another ~ locally ~ things don’t get copied and pasted properly?

Refreshing Figma, reloading all tabs, restarting comps, the problem still persists.

If someone can also raise an escalated repeat concern on another bug / thread ( Text Styles applied to text layers or component instances get detached on random - #16 by Andrew16) that’d be appreciated, this is very pressing problem for almost a year ~ yet nobody responded.

Without an example file it’s so hard to tell what’s going on.

Issue could anything without having a look. It can deep level technical issue or you might be pasting stuff outside of your frame (with minus x,y values). Or even a layer might be masking everything.