Text style randomly disconnecting

Not sure if this is the right topic.
Hello, I’ve been having an issue for the past couple weeks, many text styles seem to have disconnected for no apparent reason (if it was every single text on everything on the page, then sure, why not, but it’s completely random) and I haven’t been able to find the possible source of the problem.

  • We are two working on the projet, we though it might be an issue with the font itself not being compatible, so we both reinstalled the same one from the same source file. Nothing changed.
  • We though it might be because of a plugin, but we use the same ones when we work on another design system and nothing like that happens. Deleting the newest ones hasn’t had any effect.

I’ve been using Design Lint to relink everything but I can’t keep on making sure the whole UI Kit and every single page in the file is still linked to the proper text style. What can I do to fix it ?

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