REQ: Change order of actions in interactions list

Given the importance of order of operations, particularly in regard to using variables and conditional logic, it would really help to be able to change the order of actions in the list. There’s a lot more needed to get variables working for advanced prototypes but this one change could have a big impact with light effort.

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And you can do it right now!

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OK, I’m not sure how I missed this… was it just released? Or maybe there was a bug? I know it wasn’t working for me last week. Anyway, glad to see it and thanks for pointing it out.

Reordering actions in the interaction details modal has been possible since the release of the multiple actions feature.

Then there must’ve been a bug, it was one of the first things I tried when I started using conditionals and I wasn’t able to drag actions around. It’s working for me now, hopefully stable :crossed_fingers:

I have noticed that when I rearrange the order of actions, some action will not execute.

That’s right, order matters.

I have gone to the Figma Help Center article linked by tank666 above.

I simply cannot do what that article suggests: drag individual conditions up and down the lists in Interaction Details windows. (here, I tried to link a video showing my attempts, but I am too new to this forum to attach)

When I try to drag conditions up and down, I do not get the horizontal line showing “This item will be moved to here” like you can see in the Layers panel. I’ve tried click and drag from the left edge and right edge of the conditions (avoiding the parts that will either maximize the transition or delete it).

It’s quite annoying. It means I need to carefully build my interactions in order “from the ground up”. If I think of something later that cannot go at the end, I have to delete the transaction and build it again.

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