Remove “Ask to Edit” CTA button

This button is a huge issue for:

  • Creators who shared their files publicly (not on Community)
  • Figma Organization admins

To try to improve this, I added the following notice to all my public files which were receiving “Edit request from …” notifications. If you are struggling with this problem too, here is the file: — but don’t you dare click “ask to edit” in it!!!

Now they look like this:

However, in my user testing with @Mr.Biscuit, we found that people would click this button no matter what, just because it’s the only CTA on the page and it really stands out in the middle of the screen. The results are not great: even with this notice added to all files, the files’ sharing screens still look like this:

My suggestion is to make this action less prominent, maybe hide it somewhere together with the duplicate action. Or maybe you could bring the duplicate action forward along with the duplicate. Add something like “Edit” button and then a popup asking you how you want to edit: either ask to edit the original file or duplicate to edit your own copy.

Or allow the file owner to disable this action completely. And unsubscribe from all these annoying email notifications.

I shared a freebie file a while ago to the internet. People were using it fine by duplicating it. Ever since Figma introduced the “Ask to edit” function, now my mailbox were spammed with all “Edit Request from…” email with no way to turn it off.

Please allow me to somehow disable “Ask to edit” function or at least turn off the email notifications.

Thank you

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