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Feature Request - Change editors to viewers when moving from drafts to a team and allow us to disable "request to edit" and

Question description

  1. Invite an editor into a file in your drafts, then move this file to your team. You’ll be charged for this editor in the next billing. It’s annoying because it’s barely noticed and not intended.

  1. I always receive this edit request email because I shared one of my Figma links in public, but my original intention is not to invite people to edit my file, just share my file as a template or feedback collection space (remind viewers to comment). I think most people’s original intentions are not inviting a stranger to edit too. This will also cause the issue above (non-intended editors are charged).


  1. Change editors into viewers automatically when moving from drafts to teams. Should let us be aware of every editor’s appearing in a pro team or org.

  2. Allow us to control if allowing people to request to edit when sharing to the public.


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