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Reassign component variants to a new master

I have A LOT of button variants, all composed from three master button components. I did this so they’d all be tied to a master of the same size. I was pretty new to Figma at the time. I would like them to all derive from ONE master component, and not three (for several reasons, the obvious one being they’d be tied to ONE master…oops). Can I select a variant and say “this is your new master component” or do I have to just make new variants, all from that ONE master component?

Just select instances within variants and swap them to the component you need in the right panel (swap instance).

Thanks for the reply, Gleb. I’ve also tried your Master plugin. I think the issue I’m having is that all my variants are in a variant group. So they’re not “instances.” I have a component named “_Button-Master,” and then a component group named “Button” (with all the variants inside the purple dashed border).

Then I have the exact same thing for a different size… “_Button-Master-Large,” and a “Button-Large” (with all the variants inside the purple dashed border).

I want ALL of the variants tied to the “_Button-Master,” and then to get rid of the “_Button-Master-Large.” Hope that makes sense. When I use your plugin, I think it’s not working because they’re not “instances,” but component variants. :thinking:

Can you share the file link?

Unfortunately no, my company’s security policy will not allow that. I did just discover one thing this morning. If I dig into each component variant (in the left layers panel), I can eventually target the original “main” component it was created from. If I select THAT layer, then use your Master plugin, I’m able to make the desired change. It just doesn’t work if I select the variant in the variant group. I have to drill into the “instance,” which makes sense, as that’s what your plugin does.

This saved me from making a breaking change and having to create 360 new variants (I think). I will report back. But based on this finding, I think it solves my problem :crossed_fingers:t3:

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