Figma Prototype - while pressing - dissolve freezes whole prototype

Hey there,

when I use multiple objets in my mobile prototypes and I use dissolve effect/transition instead of instant, the whole prototype freezes, I can still scroll up and down, but all other interactive elements are frozen.

Please fix this,

thank You.

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P.S.: At some random cases it works, when I press “some” button in my prototype and it works, it freezes, and unfreezes and than all work.

Please send an example link

Hey there Gleb!

Thank You for Your fast reaction and sure thing!

Well, the thing is, all of the elements besides the horizontal scroll use the same setting:

In general, when You start with one of the upper elements, they freeze, You click away and You can work the prototype.

When You chose first one of the red elements, lower ones, You get instafreeze and whole prototype is disfunctional.

Please advise,

With best regards


  1. This is definitely a bug in Overlays. The issue is that the Overlay stays open if you move the mouse away while it’s in transition. The only option then is to manually close the Overlay. Contact Figma support to report this bug.

  2. I would suggest you use Interactive Components instead of Overlays. Not only they won’t have this issue, they will allow you to create reusable transitions so you don’t have to create a transition for every single button separately.

  3. If you really need to use Overlays, you can work around this bug by adding a transition to the Overlay. Action: close overlay. Trigger: mouse leave.

Hey there mate!

  1. Yup, I’ll report it, though…

  2. …I’ll rather use this new method, with Interactive Components <3

  3. tried that, it’ll freeze everything compeletely over. And…the most important thing, I mean it works, yes, on Desktop .It’s “mouse leave”. But not “tap leave” :D, or untap. Maybe add it as a feature? “on untap”?

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