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Preserve overrides in instances swapped inside component

Hi folks! I’ve seen the posts regarding text overrides with nested interactive components but I’m seeing a similar issue with non-interactive components as well.

In the example below, I’ve set my text layers to all use the same layer name and have the same hierarchy structure but if I swap one of the nested components it resets everything. Everything works perfectly if each atom component is used individually and not nested in another component though so I’m left :thinking:. Any thoughts?

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This is expected behavior. Figma doesn’t preserve overrides this way. I’m working on the improvements for my plugin Master which would allow you to do that in the future. I’m wondering why are you using text styles as components instead of, you know, text styles?

@Gleb we’re using text components so that there is a much more user friendly format for our team to work with text without needing to know which utility to use. On a maintainer level we are still applying text styles but are working to remove this layer of abstraction from our team in order to simplify their experience within Figma.

Since this is expected behavior it would be great to see this type of override carryover in the future. Having the capability in the future for nested components to preserve overrides would not only be great but would help us to make more powerful components.

Thanks for the detailed explanation, that makes sense!

Chiming on this as something I would also very much like to see! I have started running into this often, as I have am finding nesting components within my variants helps cut down on edits. (I create a core component that I then create instances of to build a variant. This helps if I ever update the layout or a core element of the design, I can just update the core component and it applies to all the variants instead of needing to update each variant.)

Might be worth adding this as a post under Product Ideas as well. :thinking:

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Will do @cupps ! I’m glad another person resonates with this.


I recently released an update to Master plugin that would allow you to do that now when you swap components with it! Here is a small demo:

Try it out and let me know if you have any questions.

I also renamed this topic for clarity and moved this topic to #product-feedback so anyone can vote for this feature to be implemented natively.