New text property should work through nested components

I tried adding the text prop inside a layer of a base component that’s later wrapped in another component and this unfortunately kills how text overrides work. So it would be really great if those props could be inherited throughout multiple nested layers, otherwise we won’t be able to use some of these great features easily (instance swap and text).

Still these updates are really exciting and will improve our workflows a lot. :slight_smile:


Agree! Trying to work with components that contain a button component. It would be helpful to be able to surface the text property from the button component in the wrapper component!


I was expecting to be like this when I first tried this new feature


Hard agree - same with instance swaps for icons etc. Would significantly simplify using our button components


I was actually surprised to see that text properties don’t work when they’re nested. I expected that to be the default behavior. It would make cases like overriding the value in a badge that an icon have.

Spent a good amount of time trying to find it only to realised this wasn’t possible


I wish Figma would either

  • add this functionality,
  • tell us they’re adding this functionality eventually,
  • or tell us they’re not.

Not knowing leaves design systems people in a tough spot - we’ve been building components using nesting for years, so we either need to sit back and wait, or get busy rebuilding our libraries under the new rules. Either one is fine, but until we know for sure we’re just sitting around waiting.


Agree with the above. Just came across this issue.

Totally agree, only then it’s really useable in our atomic design system.


This is my main gripe with the Figma team–it would be great if they had official Figma folks on the board to give some kind of update on the most popular ideas as voted by the community.

I have a ton of complaints with Adobe XD, but one thing they did right was giving suggestions a status so that the community could see at a glance where the dev team was in considering them. (Granted they didn’t update THAT too often, but that’s an easy thing for the Figma team to remedy)


Sometimes they do give some feedback on topics :smiley:

In this case, I expect the problem won’t be easy to resolve. Recently, several articles have been published promoting strategies that don’t use base components at all. As if the new properties were meant to eliminate the need for base components.

In our case, it is not necessarily true, as we maintain a really complex design system across different platforms. We decided to collect base components for all scales in a base library. We then nest those unstyled components into our UI kits, adding color themes and interaction states. My biggest concern is that this won’t scale, especially since Figma wants us to stop using base components. Which was – until now – the recommendation.

So yeah, this topic gets annoying and the more complex component setup from Figma’s side might cause more problems with layered libraries in the future…

I am used to doing a lot of manual work, rebuilding components, so this would be fine for me. However, I hate constantly explaining how stuff works and why it breaks to a team of 50+ designers using our new Figma libraries. Now, I think it would be better to do even more manual work but keep libraries very flat (and redundant) to make them more usable for designers who use but don’t fully understand Figma.

(Edit: wording)

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Argh just hit this too and found this finally after trying everything - passing through a text override is pretty obvious - having to click the sub component is inefficient but the only way

I feel as if this is essential for anyone who uses components heavily. (which is basically the entire figma community)

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Have spent close to 2 hours trying to ‘fix’ my text overrides. Whilst massively bummed they don’t work in nested components (:exploding_head:) I’m grateful this thread was here. Saves me another 2 hours and a lot of hair pulling :sweat_smile:

Figma, please please please add. I guess now it’s up to Adobe (?) … hopefully they hear this feedback

:cricket: :cricket: :cricket: :upside_down_face:


Another vote for this.
Tried it today thinking it would be able to target a property on a nested component (setting up a button using a nested master button with many states for example) and surprised to see it’s not a functionality to target the property.

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I just started using text proprieties and also got stopped in disappointed by this.

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Yup, thats a bummer…
hopefully this won’t be a long wait until an official response and development status.

This is much needed. Prototyping is a huge pain for me without this!

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