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Plugin for viewer

I ran into a problem that I could not find in your help. There is a Status Annotation plugin, it is very well for work’s control. I make a design for a client, and he’s could control the process with this plugin. But he’s a manager, not a designer. The client usually acts as a viewer, not an editor. This is done so that he cannot spoil anything in the design. But the viewer doesn’t have access to the plugin. Plugins can only be used by editors.

I wanted to know if it is possible to somehow remove this restriction, it would be very convenient for clients who are not designers, and it makes no sense for them to use the paid version. But it would be very convenient to control the progress of the process using this plugin.

Thank you

No, it’s not currently possible to make plugins available for viewers. Feel free to post a suggestion for this in #plugin-api:plugin-feedback-and-ideas.