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Place Image : Has been opening the same file for over 6 months

I don’t know if it is supposed to be that way, if it does that to anyone else, but for many months, every time I go to fetch an image (using the shortcut to place image), my folder opens the same file every time, even though I have not touched it in many months, so every single time, I have to make my way to the correct file. It is driving me insane. At least if I know it’s supposed to be that way, then as stupid as it is, I know there’s nothing I can do, but if I can stop that from happening that 'd be great…

This is a bug.

  1. Try deleting or temporarily moving the folder which is being opened. After you open the Place Image dialog again, Figma should get unstuck and you can move the original folder back.

  2. Try reinstalling Figma (not simply delete the app, but remove all its system files).

Hey, thanks for the response. I did completely uninstall figma and reinstalled it, I moved the file in question, and the same thing still happens… It is still calling out for the same folder name, within the folder where it used to live… I m not sure its a bug at this point. I think its just how it is… but thank you anyways

This is not how it is, this is a bug that happens for some people.

It is still calling out for the same folder name, within the folder where it used to live

Then move the folder.

I had the same issue but SOLVED it with the help of another Redditor … :hugs:

first, quit Figma and open the preference file as text which is located in C:\Users%User%\AppData\Roaming\Figma\DesktopProfile\v12\Preferences

and look for {“last_directory”:“your_stuck_path_will_be_here”} which is at the end …

and remove that path so it looks like this {“last_directory”:""} … save it …

open Figma and now you are good to go :+1:

here is the Reddit link where we solved this issue … :relaxed:

already posted it in Image placement bug opens the same folder instead of the most recent - #12 by Camilla … hope this helps …

Het, thank you!! I really appreciate this!