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Image placement bug opens the same folder instead of the most recent

Image Placement opens the same library all the time. I have made 5 requests! Because after first was marked as SOLVED in fact it wasn’t! I opened another one with the same issue and again and again. I’ve contacted the support via email, via Bug Report Form and nothing happens. Is this kind of indifference is happening because I use free version? How am I supposed to pay money for this product if it’s impossible to use it?

Hey @Camilla, could you share a little more information about the bug you’re experiencing?

Hello Josh, thank you for replying so quickly.

The issue is that Image Placement opens the same folder all the time no matter where I uploaded the last image from. Earlier it used to work like other programs (opened the last directory I pasted image from).

For example - C:\Users\Camilla\Downloads opens over and over again. I upload some image from Disk D and various folders, but Figma keeps opening Downloads folder. If I delete the Downloads folder it will open previous folder in the path - C:\Users\Camilla

So I have to pin folders I need in the explorer left menu (Windows OS) to have quick access to files I work with.

I saw a lot of requests regarding exactly this bug and the advice was “fill out the Bug Report Form” and thought it is quite common.

Thanks for the additional info. Does this occur in the browser as well or only in the desktop app? I just did a test on my end and it seems to work as expected, but I’m also on a Mac.

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PS, editing your title to make it easier to search for. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Josh. Browser version works correctly, it seems to be the desktop app issue only

Got it, thanks this helps narrow it down. Have you tried reinstalling the desktop app. I’m curious to see if it fixes itself or persists?

Just reinstalled it, sadly it didn’t help

Alright, I’ll make sure this gets logged. Can you provide your OS info and the version of the Desktop app you’re using?

  1. Rename the folder that Figma is targeting.

  2. If that doesn’t work, delete or temporarily moving the folder which is being opened. After you open this dialog again, Figma should get unstuck and you can move the original folder back.

  3. If it doesn’t get unstuck and targets another folder, then move that folder as well. On the second one it gets fixed 100%.

Weird, but when I moved the folder Figma got unstuck, and when I moved it back the problem appeared again.

I guess I’ll have to move this folder far away so app will work correctly, but it’s not that crucial. Thank you, Gleb! :wink:

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Josh, in case it may help solve this, my OS is Windows 10, version 20H2. Where can I see Desktop app version? I think it’s the most recent one since I’ve reinstalled it today. Thank you for your help :relaxed:

If that’s a specific folder, you can create a new folder with the same name and move contents of this folder there, then delete this “broken” folder. That way you won’t have to move that folder far away. Let me know if that works, I’m curious.

I’m so curious too, because new folder with same name and same contents didn’t work.
Then I tried to rename it and - yes, it helped :exploding_head: Original folder name was simply “Evenstar”, I changed it to “Evenstar_01” so everything works but not that word anymore :slight_smile:

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What a peculiar glitch… Thanks for letting me know! I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

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I had the same issue but SOLVED it with the help of another Redditor … :hugs:

first, quit Figma and open the preference file as text which is located in C:\Users%User%\AppData\Roaming\Figma\DesktopProfile\v12\Preferences

and look for {“last_directory”:“your_stuck_path_will_be_here”} which is at the end …

and remove that path so it looks like this {“last_directory”:""} … save it …

open Figma and now you are good to go :+1:

here is the Reddit link where we solved this issue … :relaxed: