Overlay in laptop and desktop screen

  1. i am new to Figma. i currently facing problem in overlay or popup is not scrolling even the overlay or popup bigger than the parent.
  2. overlay or popup bigger than the parent, if i apply vertical scroll to my overlay or popup page remain same postion and all prototype click area moving up and down while scroll.

Hi @aravindhan, Thanks for reaching out about this!

Just to clarify, the overlay objects are shown above the frame and not inside the frame that has the layer with the hotspot that triggers the overlay action.

I’m unsure which specific frame you are referring to as “the parent”, but please note that if “the parent” is the layer initiating the overlay interaction, you can’t set scrolling behavior for the overlay frames based on that layer at the moment.

Please check out the related article for more information:

To ensure that the content is scrollable within the overlay frame, ensure that the child objects are nested within the frame. You can verify this by checking the Layer panel.
In addition, if you come across the following error message, I recommend consulting this guide: Prototype scroll and overflow behavior - Prepare frames for scrolling

Hopefully, this helps to clarify the situation. Please let us know if I misunderstood anything.

If you are still encountering the issue after reviewing the provided resources, please consider sharing a recording that demonstrates the problem. This will give a clearer visual understanding and may also improve your chances of receiving useful advice from our knowledgeable community members.

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