Organization or Enterprise Level?

I’m pursuing my company’s first Figma license and need some clarification on a few differences between Enterprise and Organization levels regarding:

  • modes: who is using more than 4 and how?
  • number of editors: we were told that enterprise level subscriptions require a minimum 10 editors, true?
  • Which level better manages access for guests and freelance designers (it appears enterprise is more robust?)
  • Is Windows installer a big advantage?

We’re a smaller company, so keeping a close eye on costs. Thanks for any help

Hey @Tim_Bukoski! A couple of pages that may be helpful to review:

regarding minimum number of seats: this is determined by our sales team. Your specific needs and interests will need to be taken into account to give you an exact answer to that and all of your other questions.

If you haven’t reached out to our sales team yet, you can fill out the form here, and they’ll contact you with more info: Figma Organization | Building Products at Scale

Hope this helps a bit!

@ksn thank you for your reply, I"ve reached out to Figma sales, hopefully they respond in a timely manner.