Can the organization account have power users and regular users to make the cost more logical?

My problem:

There is a huge gap between the organisation and the pro account. I’m fine with 50 users in the pro account but in organisation account that is just way to expensive. The organisation account would stop me giving edit rights to colleagues while I think more people in our organisation (beside designers) should (and do) use figma.


We are using figma in our company and loving it. We design and build robots and have 2000 employees, in our engineering department we have 450 engineers and my team of 8 designers. What I like a lot is the possibility to cooperate with eachother and drawing is always better then typing. Many of the engeneers/PO’s/PM’s wonder how we make awesome images and Figma is the answer. I hand out accounts like candy because I find that a PO that can draw his comment or an example is valuable plus when people use figma for pictures instead of paint makes life better for everyone.

Proposed solution:

In organisation account have the possibility for powerusers and regular users. The my desigers can be powerusers that can start projects work on design system etc and the PO’s etc can also have edit rights without is costing the world. They can draw their pictures, make flowcharts etc. (and secretly fall in love with Figma)

How do you handle non designer colleagues in your organisation that want to use figma? do you give them an edit account or something else?

Hey @Jan15 thanks for sharing this feedback. I’m wondering if FigJam might be a solution here? This would allow members to have FigJam licenses where they can create flow charts, brainstorm ideas, etc. You can also copy and paste anything from Figma into a FigJam file.
Just thinking outloud. :slight_smile:

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