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Edit permissions within the different levels of an organization

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My company has an Organization plan Figma, and we’ve recently hired a new designer to the team, which needs editor access through Figma.
We’ve set her Design and FigJam role in the Organization admin settings as editor. But, for now she will only need editor permission on specific teams within the organization so I’ve set her as editor on the teams she needs that specific permission.
However, inside those teams where she has editor permission she only has view-only access in every project (and file) inside those team. We found it odd because her role in the organization and team is editor and we couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t edit those files when she had editor permission in the team.
When we opened the share modal of the projects that were inside the team she has editor access, there was a property that said “Members of team can view”. We found it odd, so we changed that property to “Members of team can edit” and she was then able to edit every file that was inside that team.
However, this “Members of team can edit” seems to override the permission I’ve set on every member of the team, and other members (developers) that had view permission were now able to edit the design files; and that is something our company doesn’t want.

From my perspective, I feel that team permissions become redundant, as what I’ve set on the team members permission is override when I open the “Share” modal on a project of that given team and there is a line that gives a certain permission on that project regardless of the permissions I gave to members on that team.

My suggestion would be to remove the property “Members of team can edit” on the “Share” modal of the project because it’s redundant and overrides the team permissions.
Also, my company would benefit if Figma has a user group permission, where we could group certain users related with their role within the company, and instead of giving permission to each user every time, we would be able to give permission to a group of users

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Does anyone else experience this?

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