Im a team admin but I don't seem to have basic admin rights?

My team are on a professional monthly plan where I am the Admin role.

One of the team members who has full design seat and should have full edit access to all files and projects in the team recently got downgraded accidentally by another user to view-only resrictions for one of the project files, and therefore the files within that.

I can’t seem to go in as an admin user and just grant him access to the project file again because I was not the original creator of that file? The original creator of the file is currently on leave.

What is the point of an admin permission level if the permission level doesn’t grant access to undo actions like this? Is this a bug or built in functionality? Has anyone else had issues being Admin level but not really having any control over the files that you didn’t specifically create yourself?

Or am I just totally spazzing out and just missing/overlooking a button that allows me to do this?

I’ve reached out to Figma for support but would appreciate help asap from the community as my designer really needs access to that file and we can’t wait for the person to come back from leave!


@Shasha We’re not able to help with this one via the forum for security reasons. I was able to locate your support ticket, and I did ask the team to see if they’d be able to escalate. However, I can’t guarantee the response time.

Thank you for your patience!