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Objects disappearing underneath other objects automatically

I’m having trouble when moving or creating objects, they suddenly “fall” into objects that are hidden below other objects and it’s quite cumbersome to fix. I’m unsure why an object doesn’t remain on top when I need it to be arranged above all objects it’s above.

Can anyone help with this. It’s still a huge time waster for me

Could you share a video?

Created objects being moved get grouped into objects layered below the visible objects.

In the screen capture video, I create a box and move it. You’ll see the box suddenly disappears. It ends up getting auto-grouped into an object that is not even visible.

Hold Spacebar while moving the object.

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Holding the spacebar while moving an object does prevent it from disappearing while being moved, so I suppose this is a solution.

However this doesn’t feel physically natural on a laptop as I will have to readjust my normal left hand positioning and finger usage to even make this possible to reach and hold down the spacebar and trackpad with one hand.

I don’t recall having issues moving objects in all the time I have been using Figma previous to when I first encountered this around a month ago.

Did I change some setting unknowingly?

Did something change with how Figma handles moving objects?

I don’t know how your layers are organized, but judging by the video, I can suggest that the background of your modal is rectangle, which is not wrapped in a frame.

Auto nesting to frame when moving an object has always been in Figma. As of today, there are no settings for this other than holding Spacebar. If you want this feature to appear, please vote for this idea: Disable auto-nesting/auto-reparenting while moving objects

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Hey tank666, that makes sense. I had imported some Sketch files and realize now that the import created some frames in places I didn’t expect.


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