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No horizontal MOUSE WHEEL scrolling in Present Mode

Hello, I have been working on a landing page for Desktop view and tried to create a horizontal scrolling section, but it’s not a true ‘‘horizontal scrolling’’ but rather a horizontal “swiping/dragging” section.

Is there any way to scroll horizontally when the the MOUSE WHEEL scrolls up/down in Present Mode?
Not just drag the clipped content with the mouse.

No, it’s not possible, you need a mouse or other device that can scroll horizontally.

So it seems you are very sure about this.
May I ask then, how on earth did he manage to tdo this on this prototype?

edit: just to say that I don’t need to hold SHIFT to scroll horizontally as the prototype suggests. Just mouse. Plain scroll up/down.

Why not duplicate the file to your drafts and check how it’s made? (p.s. there is nothing special there, just horizontal scrolling on nested frames.)

It seems like this is working if there is no vertical scroll in the frame. Not sure when this was added but seems new, it didn’t work last time I checked.

BTW regarding Shift, it’s also a good way to scroll horizontally if your system supports this kind of shortcut (it’s not a Figma-specific thing, I believe it should work on modern Windows but I have no way to check).

Currently, horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel up/down works only if any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Watch) is selected in the prototype settings. If a device other than Apple is selected, scrolling the mouse wheel up/down will not scroll horizontally.