No Alerts or confirmation when a new editor is added beyond the License limit

We have editor licence for 4 people and the developers have only view access. When new access request is approved it consider it as editor by default.

  1. Figma did not ask for any confirmation either to give edit or view only access.
  2. Due to which the editor count has increased to 9 and it was billed. when they are removed from editor, it still shows monthly billed users are 5.

How to remove the editor count now? we are not able to reduce the editor count now and we have been billed $75 now.

Looking forward for a suggestion or recommendation how to remove the user from billing.

This happened to me too and it’s taking a while for them to answer, and I didn’t even add an editor, I just added a viewer.

Hey Icah,
Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your billings! I saw in our backend that the support team replied to you. Please check your inbox, for your reference your ticket number is 931319.