New comments system are not working <>Mac<>Desktop App

Hi Everyone,
At first, I thought it was just a tease for an upcoming feature, then I saw the ‘new feature’ walkthrough inside my Figma desktop app so I knew it was released but comments are behaving exactly like the old comment system, the only thing that changed is that now the comment cursor is black. Does anyone know how to fix it and enjoy the new comments system?


Does anyone have the same experience? what am I doing wrong? is this feature (the new comment system) rolled to everyone?


Same here. Tested on different accounts, browsers, app… And “old” comments are now more buggy :(.

Same thing happens to me. I don’t know if the rollout is slow, but I’m still with the old comment feature :frowning:

We are excited to see how these updates to comments give more collaborators an opportunity to contribute throughout the design process—from silent crits, to design sprints, and more. These changes will be rolling out to everyone over the next several weeks. Let us know what you think by sharing your feedback in [this form]. You can learn more about comments in Figma by visiting our [Help Center].

From Stay in the flow with redesigned comments

So we should wait patiently :slight_smile:.

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I have old comments on one Team project/account and new comments on a different Team project/account. This is really confusing as to why?

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