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Figma Comments not working

The comment section is still not working for me after the outage an hour ago. Is it the same for everyone? I asked some fellow designers, they can’t open it either.


Same for me

I have same situation. Does anyone one is there some coming updates or why it’s happening?

Same for me

Same on my side, very annoying

Same for me

Hi, after the maintenance from this morning all the comments that were stored disappeared, and we need it urgently.

Now appears a charging icon and the comments aren’t there.

So… will they be back or are they permanently gone?

The incident is now reported to be resolved.
If your comments aren’t working yet, restart Figma.

Hi there, my comments have now disappeared. I’ve restarted Figma several times, as well as uninstall and reinstalled the app itself.

Hey @Emily_Stewart thanks for reporting. Our team is currently looking into this.

@Emily_Stewart could you try a reload to see if comments come back for you?

hi Josh, tried multiple reloads and installed / reinstalled the app so I’m really not sure what it could be.

We just pushed a fix, are you able to try reloading again?
Let me know if you’re still seeing the issue

They’ve just come back now, thank you!

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Still not seeing comments correctly. They appear correctly in some mockups but not others.

I am not seeing comments. I have tried restarting and it looks like my app is up to date. Is this still being fixed?

Hello, in one of my projects comments disappeared between now and 2-3 hours ago. Other projects have comments.

Can we do something about it? :slight_smile:


And they’re magically back :open_mouth:

But only on the web version :thinking:

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