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Mouse follow hover states

I’m using interactive components to simulate link hover states. I have these working fairly well, but would also like the mouse pointer to change to the usual finger. Is it possible to add a mouse-follow hover that would take care of this? I’m imagining having a graphic that follows the pointer while I’m over a hot area. It would also be a second hover state for an object, which right now is not supported.

I have a pretty good solution for text links though. I have a component with a small block of text set to hug, and a variant of that for the hover style. I then place an instance and edit the text. That’s working well, though the response is pretty slow now that I have dozens of them. I’m guessing responsiveness will improve once interactive components are out of Beta.

I’m pretty new to Figma and the thing that has been bugging me is lack of functionality for giving a web prototype the feel of a live web page. If necessary, I could talk clients through that in a presentation, though it would be a distraction. Testing is the real problem. Together, these are almost reason to use a different design/prototyping platform for web.

More realistic web feel seems to fit within the purview of interactive components. I’m hoping that it can be smoothly added into the beta & release.