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Libraries are not working?

I recently moved from a Professional account to an Organization account. You’d think things would work better when you pay more, right? WRONG…

I imported the libraries I was using before, some remained linked to the files (which I was forced to download and re-upload - WHYYYY) and were broken on others. No idea why… Which means that I will have to relink every single component. Not cool at all.

When I was on the professional account, every time I updated a library, when I went into the file it would ask me to update it and I carried on without issues. Now it doesn’t update immediately and instead it updates randomly. The worst thing is that sometimes when it pops up to update, I think it’s finally giving me the changes I made but no… It reverts back to the original, before I made any changes at all… I also noticed that it somehow duplicates the library so it will unlink the one I have saved, which has the changes, and it will somehow keep a copy of the original, which it then forces me to revert back to whenever it feels like it. This is causing me to waste days of work, which is just not acceptable, especially when on the highest cost tier.

I’ve contacted the email support and NOTHING…

Really hoping that someone here can help please :pray:

Figma support should be able to help you move the files to the org without breaking connections. If you contacted them during the weekend, expect the answer in the beginning of the week.

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Thank you for your comment.

Unfortunately, I moved the files already, as I couldn’t wait for them to reply.

I’ve received a reply now about the libraries but I’m not too hopeful.