LAUNCHED: Inline Preview to show frame in actual size (100% scale) and support section preview

As someone who has switched from Adobe Xd, I’m greatly appreciative that Figma now has an inline preview (a feature that I’m used to), but can we please allow for an option to show the frame in actual size 100% scale?

Right now, every time I press shift+space, the frame is shown in a teeny tiny window that I then need to size up. This is problematic because 1) It’s highly inconvenient; 2) I have no way of previewing the actual size of the frame, which is very important and is also the default setting when you open the presentation view in a new tab.

A bonus if we can also preview sections, not just frames.

Thanks team!

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Hey there!
With the launch of some new Figma Prototyping updates, you can now resize to actual size: If no device frame is enabled, a user can now resize the inline preview of a prototype to the actual size of the previewed prototype. If a device frame is enabled, the inline preview can resize to the size of the device. Learn more here