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I've noticed that the baseline of different weights within one font family is different?

I’m using the Metric font, and trying to align text, using auto layout, but can’t do this because the baseline for different weights shifts, so different weights of the font won’t line up correctly.

I checked in Sketch to see if it’s a problem with the font in general, but it seems to be fine there.

Can someone please look at this?

I’ve now also noticed that the weight of the Metric font, doesn’t show up correctly in the Inspect panel - both in Typography and CSS. It shows 400/ normal for every weight.

WHat’s the best way for someone at Figma to see this, let alone respond please?


Hi @Emma_Bevan did you ever resolve the inspect font weight issue? I’m finding the same issue with the font Omnes. The inspect panel shows the same weight for for every weight and is proving troublesome for dev handover.


Hey Mark,

Figma CS let me know that it’s a known issue, and they were working to fix it. But no timeline on when, so I guess we just wait :confused:

Good luck!

Hi Emma,

Thanks for the reply, I’ll help and nudge Figma CS too. Just out of curiosity what process or hack have you made to get around the weight issue while you wait? Assuming you’re using it to hand over?

I’m going to look for a plugin.


We didn’t implement anything additional, we’ve just let engineers know, and to look at the weight in the design itself. It’s not too complicated for us, as we only currently use 2 weights for most things.

Hi, seeing this issue too for one of our custom fonts, where the baseline sits a couple of pixels below other fonts (the error scales proportionally with font size)

In other environments we’ve checked (Sketch, Illustrator and HTML) the custom font keeps a consistent baseline with other fonts.

:pray: Keen for a fix on this, as it’s making our Figma designs look slightly misaligned, and is noticeable in buttons.

Actually - checked again in HTML, and it renders the same as Figma.

Not noticeable at 16px font size, but at 18px font size there’s a 1px baseline discrepancy, at 48px font size there’s a 2px baseline discrepancy etc.

So I assume this needs to be fixed within the font file itself.