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Font weight doesn't show in the inspect panel, for certain fonts


We’ve noticed that font weight does not reliably show up in the inspect panel for our engineers who have view/comment only permissions. Also, this only happens with certain fonts.

Any ideas on how to fix this, or if this is a known bug Figma is working on?

Is it not shown at all or is the incorrect weight shown?

Both font weight, and font style are not shown, neither in the “typography” section of the inspect panel, nor the “CSS” section of the panel panel.

What I see:

What non-editors see:

This looks like a bug which needs to be reported to Figma support team via the bug report form.

Hi! I had a similar issue.
I wasn’t able to see font-weight and some other style properties for fonts on Figma projects.
First I thought that the reason was I had view-only rights but then after comparing my co-workers we finally resolve the issue by installing on my computer the font-type that was being used.

Anyways, why doesn’t Figma automatically show font-style properties for a custom font-type that is already uploaded to the project? This is really a bug or is it supposed to work like this?

Hope this experience works for you.

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We have the same problem. My developer does not see the font-weight and font-style. Not as a viewer and not as an editor.
The only other difference is that he does not have the font installed. AND he is working on Linux.