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Interactive user names in the Share dialogs

Everybody can see all team members in the members list, together with their email address, which, when users don’t add their last name to their display name, is quite useful to identify who’s who.

There, and almost everywhere else in Figma, you can also click on a user and see their profile.

With one exception: The Share dialog :man_shrugging:

As an admin, this dialog may be the most critical place where I need to look who has access to what. Since people who are only invited to a specific project or file do NOT appear in the members list (I call them “ghost members”)*, I can only find them going project by project, file by file and opening the Share dialog, where it is therefore impossible to know anything else (it’s a dead end). The Figma search is also really unreliable, randomly not finding users that are clearly in the team, no matter what you search for.

So as far as I can see, this has an easy solution that probably helps many other usecases apart from mine: Just make the user names in the Share dialog clickable, so you can go to their profile. Also, btw, show the email address in every user profile (not just in search results). Consistency please!

(*) The “ghost members” not appearing in the members list at all (not even with the filter “no team-level permissions”) is the #1 administrative issue with Figma, which I have raised countless times in the last 2 years and doesn’t seem to be addressed.