Locating team members

It would be nice and efficient if I’d be able to locate my team member from the Figma “dashboard”, click the avatar and get to the project that my team member is working on.

There could be a setting where I could enable to let other members “find” me, to easily get into the project I’m currently in.

There are often scenarios when I want to get to the project that my team member is working on, to share a component, an image, whatever. To do that, I need to ask what project they’re in, then locate the project either by searching or finding it in a folder.

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Hi Toku,

Thanks for your reply.

Not sure this relates to my comment though? I can’t find the video that you’ve attached in your reply!

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I agree! Having a shortcut directly to a team members location would be really nice!

Sorry I messed up with the previous reply so deleted. I will share this feedback with our internal team for future enhancement.


+1 - This is a constant feature request in our team. It’s a great feature when collaborators are already in a file, but not when you need to quickly find a team mate.

It requires sharing links in Slack to go find someone. If I could see where people were at from the home screen, I could dive right into any file in a heartbeat to find them.

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