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Interactive components no longer working?

I have successfully used interactive components before with virtually no problems, however over the past 6 weeks or so I’ve been unable to use them at all.

If I try and link between different states in my master components, it won’t allow me. Originally, I was able to select ‘Change To’, and everything worked fine. Now, it won’t let me do it.

Even if I go back to the older files where I successfully used interactive components, I can see that everything is configured correctly. However, if I break this successful link and try to reconfigure it, I face the same issue.

I thought this might be a temporary glitch, but it’s been happening for over a month now and really interrupting my workflow. What’s even more frustrating is I reached out to Figmas support team 6 weeks ago and have had one not so helpful reply since then.

Not sure if this is related, but when I’m in the ‘Prototype’ tab, I can no longer see the ‘interactive components’ option, where as previously I could.

See video demo here

Is your current Figma account email the same that you submitted in the form and received the beta welcome email to? If you changed your email or if you are using a different Figma account, you need to submit the form again.

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Wow that would be it, thank you so much! Honestly really appreciate that, you’ve just made my life so much easier.

How did you even suspect to ask that question when it could’ve been so many things?!

I’ve answered more than a thousand questions here, and there just so happened to be one with the same issue — in that case the dialog was much longer. :smiley:

Okay well the fact that the dialog was longer there makes me feel like it wasn’t such a silly question then!

Can’t express how appreciative I am, thanks again mate!

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