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Interactive component doesn't reset when using Auto-Layout

I’m trying to create an accordion menu using the new version of Interactive component with auto-layout.
The interaction of opening a section and collapsing it works great with Auto-layout. BUT it only works once for me.
For example, once the section is opened and I collapse it, I cannot repeat the interaction anymore.
When interactive components are nested (e.g. button with hover states), the interaction of hovering a section title still works but not the one of re-opening it.

I tried closing/reopening Figma, recreating the interaction flows, but so far nothing fixed the issue.

Same here. I also have a collapsible card with an interactive checkbox on it. If I don’t touch (toggle) the checkbox, the card can be collapsed and expanded as many times as I want, but as soon as I do something with the checkbox, the animation on the higher level is broken, i.e. the content around the collapsible card can only move up to the position where the checkbox was originally.
The only remedy for now is to avoid any nested interactive components which is of course not what we want.
I hope, the Figma Team is on it…

Hey there! Just responded to another thread with you. Posting here in case you missed it! Would love to learn more about what you’re encountering.

This is the issue I encountered. Toggling a checkbox which is a bit higher (e.g. “Delivery 1”) will allow the content below to move up a bit more but only to the position where the checkbox was.

Ah, that’s interesting! I tried to reproduce this with a similar setup but can’t recreate the same outcome. Would you be open to sharing a file with this example?

Please refer to this tread here.

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