Nested Interactive components and Auto layout

Hi there,
I sure love me interactive components ideally with some auto layout on top. But There’s a behaviour that I have to know if it’s intentional, a bug, or a feature we’re waiting for:

I’ve seen posts about accordions not behaving exactly as people want, but I’m honestly not sure if this is the same thing so I felt this warranted a post.

When I put one interactive component inside another, it seems like it’s not possible to affect the auto layout?

Thank you! :pray:

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It should resize as soon as the Components in your Variant “Component 3” aren’t only an empty frame. so as soon as there is for example an rectangle inside the autolayout it should resize to the correct size

Thanks, but they are all rectangles? :thinking:

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 08.36.42

This here should work and the rectangles must be fixed width and height

that did help some!
I managed to isolate the problem down to this:

It doesn’t work when I’m using a component but detaching fixes it…

can you maybe share the file then it would be easier to see your case?

Of course, very kind if you would care to take a look.

Thank you

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