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Beta Interactive components (Bug)

  1. It didn’t works well with auto layout. F.ex. A checkbox panel with 2 textlines with frame huged in instance. The frame of checkbox panel resize back to original size (one text line high) of component after state changed in preview.

  2. Interactive component didn’t show the effect in preview if nesting level component inside also with interactive components. It conflicted.

Regarding the first issue, this is a known limitation of the Beta version of this feature. As for the second problem, I don’t fully understand, can you create a simple demo file?

Here is the example of the bugs in beta version:
Interactive components

Hmm I see what you mean with 2. it’s just a bit fiddly and inconsistent…
I think your child component interactions will always get in the way because there’s nothing telling them to also update the parent. I made a copy where I’ve overridden the child interactions, so clicking the checkbox changes the whole panel, not just the checkbox.

Either this or you make extra checkbox variants with no interactions, so the parent component can handle it.

I’m not sure that this is a bug though, as there will be times you don’t want the parent component to update

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