Instance swap property preserves overrides only for the first instance

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create new component that contains multiple instances of the same component inside: like multiple icons.
  2. Make these instances a swap instance property – all having the same property linked to it, so every instance should change simultaneously.
  3. Override something in the first (I bet layer order matters) instance and at least one another, like color fill. Of course it would be good to have other instances ready for preserving overrides, so layer naming and structure should be the same.
  4. Insert instance of the entire component and using swap instance dropdown change nested components.

Actual result

If instances were ready for proper swap (same naming and layer structure), only the first would preserve overrides; all others would be swapped as well but overrides would be reset to the original component.

Expected result

I would like to have all overrides preserved according to changes made in the main component. Changing them one-by-one, without using component properties (swap instance) works as expected.

I’m happy to talk about it and share more details, if needed. Thanks.

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