Component interaction "Change to" variant doesen't work

He there, guys.

Playing around Figma for a couple of days, and it’s pretty amazing! But I’m stuck with component’s prototyping actions.

Here is my design.

I’m talking about that tiny vertical switch (“brief/detailed”). It has two variants, each one has interaction to change current variant. But that is not working… I’ve tried everything: resetting instance, making component from scratch, moving it outside nested component, switch property from text value to boolean (On/Off), etc. Can anybody advice me?

Reset the overrides in the “switch_vertical” instances in all places, and then reload the presentation tab.

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If you mean “Reset all changes” in instance “…” dropdown, no effect.

hmmm. strange behavior. I’ve just created new empty file, coy that component, make instance and it’s working fine…

Yury, I’ve just granted you edit permission. May you check it?

Guys, I’ve finally overcome that bug by copying all (cmd+A) to new empty file. So, now you know what to do.

Yes it is. But it was necessary to reset in all instances. You missed the “switch_vertical” instance in the “inner” master component.

I did that and it should now work as expected. Just reload the presentation mode tab (right-click on the tab › Reload tab).

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hell… stupid mistake. thank you for your time!

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