Huge Performance Issues

I have huge performance issues today. Can someone confirm that something is wrong with the server? I’ve tried on my tower as well, and I barely can navigate through my canvas. It is not image heavy. Only a lot of components and interaction. But this issue did not exist yesterday.
Thanks for your help.

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This info might be too late for you, but you can always check if you think the issues you’re experiencing are on Figma’s end. Looking at the reports, I don’t see any incidents reported recently that might have affected you, but you should probably file a bug report into Figma if there’s a specific file causing the issue (e.g. other files or a brand new file don’t exhibit any performance issues on the same machine).


Thanks for the link.
Even though the status is all green, the loading time also for images decreased compared to the past. Maybe for this it is the wrong thread to be in, but the bad performance is becoming an issue on our end.

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