Performance Issues with Components

Since the last bigger update I got performance issues when editing components. If there are multiple instances of that component all actions, like resizing or moving stuff, performed in them are very buggy.
I use Firefox on Linux but the problem exists in chrome as well.

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Ditto. My file is almost unusable the past few weeks. Figma are blaming my file but I think something has changed at Figma end. You say there was an update recently? Coincidence…?

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Same here, since the las major update about 1 month ago the performance has decreased dramatically. Existing files now shows up this warning banners, it’s not possible to merge branches due to memory limitations… it’s quite frustrating to use nowadays Figma compared with some months ago. All my company teammates are suffering the same issues. It’s obvious that it was a performance regression.

SAME. I build a lot of my page layouts using nested instances, and has always done this. I feel like since the great crash in June, it hasn’t recovered and now I am getting the yellow bar or red screen of death when I never had issues before. Many of my files are unusable now, when I NEVER had issues before.