Hug contents not available? Resulting in Autolayout not working?

Hi there,

I have trouble with auto layout, and I think it is related to the fact that I cannot choose ‘hug contents’ option on certain compentents.

01 Default CAN have hug contents:

02 Draft / all others CANNOT have have the ‘hug content’ option.

03 This results in my auto layout not properly working. Left you only see the default with hug contents, right is where my autolayout stops responding.

I am almost at a hairpulling stage as I have no clue why I can’t choose the hug contents option or WHY this isn’t working. Extra eyes is welcome.


You can see in your second screenshot that no Auto Layout has been applied to the frame. Just add Auto Layout and select “Hug contents” from the properties panel.

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Thank you so much, that helped. It seemed to be the fix.

However, now I don’t know how I will fix this:

Since the ‘image’ needs to be under the draft label. If I do them separate then it just floats above it.

You can group label and image.