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How to solve laggy prototype on Macbook screen? (works fine on monitor)

Hey all,

I’m using a MacBook Pro. My prototypes run smoothly on my second screen, a Dell monitor, but when switching to the MacBook screen, it turns out so laggy, impossible to present something.

I’ve read similar issues, but haven’t yet found a solution. Removing unused frames won’t do it. It shouldn’t be the problem since it works fine on another screen using the same CPU power, right?

Edit: it’s laggy both on app and browser.


I would recommend you to reach out to Figma support team via or the support request form so engineers could take a closer look at this issue.

Hi everyone. I have the same problem with the prototype. I tried everything, right up to removing all the animations from the prototype - it didn’t help. For some reason, no one from support responds to my topic, although I attached screencasts and a link to the prototype and described the problem in detail. If it is not difficult for you, answer in my topic to draw the attention of support to my problem. This really prevents you from approving the layout with the customer. Thanks. Here is a link to my topic: Prototype is freezing (mobile layout)